5 Book Gift Ideas for Christmas

Are you still searching for gift ideas for Christmas? I would recommend you – buy a book! Much better than unwanted cloths or useless kitchen appliances.

Books are one of those classic gift ideas that never go out of style. You have plenty of options at reasonable price, they are easy to wrap and last forever. Books can take you anywhere and are perfect for the cozy winter weekends home.

Or, you simply wander which books you should read next years?  Why not making a Christmas gift to yourself? I have selected five books that I have recently read and I recommend. These books are worth the money and the time.

*The books are presented in a random order.
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5. Shark Drunk

Author: Morten Strøksnes
Year: 2015
Country: Norway

This is a story about a guy who had a dream is to capture a Greenland shark. Well, the guy is Morten  Strøksnes, the author himself, who together with his friend, the painter Hugo Aasjord embarks on a year-long adventure chasing a shark.

The book is a sort of a memoir, but as well as is a result of a heavy science and literature research on the Greenland shark. The shark itself is a mysterious, almost mythical creature that inhabits the deep waters of Norway where the action takes place. The story unfolds slowly describing fascinating sea life and creating anticipation. It sort of pays a tribute to books like Moby Dick, or even the Old Man and the Sea, but in unique and modern way.

Shark Drunk is a love story to the ocean, and I would recommend it to everyone who loves adventure books.

And if you want to find out more about the book, the story and the interesting title check out this National Geographic article.

4. No Word from Gurb

Author: Eduardo Mendoza
Year: 1990
Country: Spain

A shape-shifting alien arrives on the Earth, nowhere else but in Barcelona, to look for his lost friend Gurb. Throughout his search he takes different forms, explores the city and observes the human race.

The book is a satirical novel written by the Spanish writer Eduardo Mendoza. It is first published in the national newspaper El País in regular segments and later – as a book. It is a jewel in the modern Spanish literature with its unique story, humor, and social criticism.

Ultimately No Word from Gurb is not about alien forms. Quite the opposite. It is brutal dissection of the human life with its absurdity, hardships, injustice, and beauty. It is funny, it is smart, it is unforgettable.

Image by Neli from Instagram

3. News of the World

Author: Pauletter Jiles
Year: 2016
Country: US

News of the world is set in the late 19th century in the old West. Captain Kidd agrees to take home to her relatives a 10-year-old girl who has just been released after a few of captivity by the Kiowa tribe. The Capitan and the girl take a hundreds-mile journey meeting interesting characters and dangerous situations.

The book carries the spirit of the classical American literature with historical references, elements of drama and adventure.

Pauletter Jiles tells the story in very authentic and captivating way so much that the book has been quickly been adapted to a movie. News of the World (the movie) is going to star Tom Hanks and is about to be released in December 2020 in the US.


2. The Forty Rules of Love

Author: Elif Shafak
Year: 2009
Country: Turkey

The Forty Rules of Love is written by the Turkish author Elif Shafak. It instantly turned to a number one bestseller and become one of her most beloved books, making it one of these gift ideas that are both trendy and thoughtful.

The Forty Rules of Love tells two parallel stories: one told in the modernity about a housewife who is reflecting about her life, and another – told in the thirteenth century about the poet Rumi, and his spiritual teacher, Shams. It is a book about spirituality, love, friendship, growth, and being true to yourself.

I usually avoid such sort of literature as it is often written to the broader audience with little  character and story building. This is not the case thought. The book is easy to read but deep, emotional, fascinating.


1.The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea

Author: Yukio Mishima
Year: 1963
Country: Japan

The author, Yukio Mishima, is considered one of the most important, influential and controversial figures in the modern Japanese literature and culture.  The book itself carries his signature writing characterized by vivid story-telling, complex metaphors, erotic scenes and philosophical segments.

The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea is actually a very simple story of a boy entering adolescence and his widowed mother who meets a new love. The plot thought contains so many levels that it makes this book a true masterpiece. It is dark, political, deeply human, disturbing and simply beautiful all at once.

Yukio Mishima paints with words, plays with emotions and captured the mind.


Your turn

Is there a book that you would recommend me to read? Or, maybe you have other gift ideas to share? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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