Neli Hristozova & The Power of Cinema

Neli is a passionate cinephile and the owner of this blog. She has been writing about movies in the form of reviews, blog posts and top 10 lists for the past 10 years as a hobby.

Neli watches primary American and European movies, but is always up for checking new titles and directors from all over the world. She likes good crime and thriller movies, heartfelt dramas, war movies, and everything smart and artistic. 

Neli is a TV-shows addict, being able to spend the whole weekend binge watching series on Netflix. 

“Cinema taught me how to keep an open mind, taught me to think, to dream, to dare.”

Tell us about a favorite movie or director. Why do you like them?

Asking a cinephile to choose just one favorite movie or director is torture, haha. I like directors like the Choen Brothers, David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino who are not only very smart and technical directors, but bring their passion for cinema to the screen like no one else. I like David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Emir Kusturica, Fatih Akin, Pedro Almodovar who are true artists. 

If you have to choose just one name, though, this would be Lars von Trier. Discovering his work changed my perception of cinema forever. Trier’s search for honesty, and his ambition to expose social constructs and the hypocrisy of common understandings, traditions and beliefs, is both refreshing and disturbing. 

If your life was a movie, what would the title be and why?

Searching for Self. I think it will be some indie low-budget existential movie that no one would like to see, haha. 

Has your taste in movies changed over time? 

I don’t think my taste in movies has changed significantly over the years. However, I think I have become more selective, and maybe judgmental when choosing what to watch. When you have seen that many movies, you are getting hard to impress.

This doesn’t mean, however, I don’t have a lot more to discover and learn about cinema. For example, I have always wanted to develop a taste for the old black and white movies. I have not watched that many and maybe now it is the time.

You favorite childhood movie?

Beauty and the Beast (1991). I have never been a big animation fan, not as a child or adult, but this movie is perfect. It just strikes all the right chords. To the date, I think I have watched it more than 50 times.  

Have you ever dreamed of an art career?

Well, when I was a child I wanted to grow up to become fashion designer, does this count haha?

I also read a lot, so I love literature, stories, words, so naturally I have imagined many times what would have been if I could write professionally. So far I have tried writing some short stories but nothing I would be proud to show haha.

In terms of cinema, I have never had such ambitions or desires. I just enjoy watching movies.

Recommend us a movie that you would usually not recommend – something less-known or underrated in your option, a hidden gem of a movie?

There is this “modest” French movie that I like a lot – Les petits mouchoirs (2010). It is directed by Guillaume Canet and actually stars actors such as Marion Couillard and Jean Dujardin. It is a movie with a lot of soul.

And now the big questions, why love cinema?

Cinema showed me the beauty of imagination and the power of ideas. Cinema taught me how to keep an open mind, taught me to think, to dream, to dare.


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