What I Watched in July – Halston, WandaVision, Sex/Life and more

For those of you who are looking for a TV-show to binge-watch on the weekend, check out what I watched in July.

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Virgin River  – Season 3 (2019 – )

In short, the show is about a sweet and beautiful nurse practitioner and midwife Mel Monroe. She leaves her job in LA to move to the small town of Virgin River. The town is this typical cliche of a town where everyone knows everyone, they all celebrate  events and holidays together, there is like one pub, one hotel, and of course one doctor. He, however, is getting old, so the town mayor, who is also his ex-wife, decides to hire Mel to help him. Of course he is not too happy about it, but well he has to get used to it.

So the show sounds familiar – for those of you who have watched the Heart of Dixie – it is something similar. It is not super original, but nevertheless, it totally caught my eye since I love those small town romance drama shows. Ok, there is a lot of pain and heart-aches in the plot but in general it is a feel-good show with beautiful sceneries of mountains, forests and lakes. Nothing pretensions, nothing too fancy, just a modest Hallmark-like show. Ah, and yes, there is also this sexy ex-marine barman/bar owner character so that’s something extra.

So I have watched the first two seasons, I liked them. And I won’t give anything away for those of you who want to watch it. I will just say there is some drama, some action, even some suspense. But all in all it is a slow -paced rather predictable show but still very charming .

The third season is more of the same. It is maybe even slower and more idealistic. Without spoiling anything. I have to say that the second season ends with a big cliffhanger which we kinda don’t see resolved here, and this is a big disappointment. We see very little development in the characters and their relationships, and we don’t see development in the main plot lines from the previous two seasons so at the end you get this feeling of like.. not getting what you ordered.. or maybe getting just a really small portion of it.

I really hope the creators will make up for this in season 4. Otherwise I may have to cut this one from my watch list.

Sex/Life – Season 1 (2021 – )

I won’t lie, the steaming hot trailer got me hooked up even before the premier of the first episode. And I guess, I wasn’t the only one, because Sex/Life rapidly claimed in top 10 on Netflix for the period of just one week or so. But then if you check the retings of the show now on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, you see people hated it! So what happened, what went wrong?

I think many people expected to be a romcom, maybe girls expected to be about passion and love, and maybe guys expected to be about sex, I don’t know. But from what I see in the comments and reviews, I think people really misunderstood the show. But the first thing first – the plot.

The story is about this woman Billy who is in her mid-30s or so, who is now married to this perfect guy, having two beautiful children, and lives in a fancy suburban house, basically living the dream of every housewife. However, she is not the typical suburban housewife, she actually had a really wild past that now comes to get her in the form of her ex-boyfriend coming back into her life. She is now divided between the nice husband and the bad-boy ex and she starts to question all her life choices.

Yes, there are a lot of sexy scenes, and some romance even, and yes it may be a bit silly and cheesy at times. Ultimately this show is much more, and I don’t want to get into too many details here because I am planning to dedicate a full review to it, but I will say without any shame that I really liked Sex/Life.

This show is really about self-realisation, can we change, can we be honest with ourselves on what we want, how our choices affect others, what is happiness, what is fulfilment. And yes, it is about the role of sex in family life, role of passion, of security – and can you have both the trill and the stability in a relationship with just one person? And there are many other themes and sub-themes I want to comment on but I will stop here. As I said, I will dedicate an episode for a full review of this show, but for now – watch it, it is hot and it is entertaining.

This is an Italian TV show that is a romance comedy . It is about these two people, Matilda and Daniel, who have known each other since childhood. As children they studied together in elementary school but back then Daniel was in love with Matilda’s best friend. They meet again like 20 years later when Daniel doesn’t even recognise Matilda. Now they realise they have feelings for each other but Matilda is engaged and so it gets complicated..

It is a cute story. It is filmed somewhere on a beautiful small Italian island. What I loved was that half of the movie was about them being kids and the other half is of course about them being adults. But them being kids, this part of the storylines gives us a view of Italy in the 90s or something with a lot of authenticity and some nostalgia. It just puts the show on a whole different level compared to similar romantic comedies.

So in general it is a feel-good series, with quirky characters, romance, some humour and a nice atmosphere. It is nothing pretentious but it is perfect for a week day after work when you are too tired for anything else and you just want to Netflix and chill. I recommend it.


WandaVision – TV Mini Series of 9 Episodes (2021)

I have to start by saying that I am not the biggest superheroes fan, or Marvel fan. But I have watched all of these movies, at least the recent ones in the past 10-15 years. And, in general I like them. They are good entertainment. I am familiar with the Marvel universe, and this is important to be said because this show is a sequel to all these movies, and is part of the Marvel universe. Of course you can watch it without having watched these other movies but it will just not be the same.

As you can guess it is about Wanda and Vision who as we know from the movies are together. So we find them in this small American city, living together the perfect suburban life. And this is where the fun starts!

Each episode is set in a different time frame and looks differently. So the first episode is filmed as it was an early black and white sitcom. It was even filmed in a studio in front of a live audience.  The next few episodes are also filmed in the style of sitcoms from the 70s, 80s and 90s where we can see the evolution of TV. We now see more scenes outdoors, costumes are changing, hairstyles are changing, and the episodes are now colorised. So speaking about cinematography, it is a very very cool TV show.

I cannot talk much about the plot without spoiling either the show or the movies. However, I would say that it is totally worth watching. It is smart and funny. It  also follows the style and traditions of the Marvel movies but yet it offers something new and original. The characters are interesting, there is action, there is mystery, there are some twists. So all in all very good show.


Halston – TV Minis Series of 5 Episodes (2021)

Ok, this is the show I was looking forward to watching the most from all of the above. I love fashion and have watched every fashion tv show out there. So I was really excited to watch this one!

Basically Halston is kinda of a bio-pic in 5 episodes telling the life story of the famous American designer.

I have to start by saying that this is a quality TV show. You can see that only by watching the trailer. The main role is played by Ewan McGregor who is absolutely perfect for it. The costumes are classy, the cinematography is beautiful, nice music, nice everything. So I am sitting here and I am wondering what went wrong. Why Am I not in love with this show?

I think the problem is that this story has soo much potential, so many layers, and so many angles, that the creators got overwhelmed. I think they wanted to show all of it and it turned out they showed nothing. The show is shallow, the characters are shallow. And it is a real pity because there is so much in this story – it is about passion turned into obsession, childhood trauma, addiction to cocaine, addiction to fame, building a business, building a brand, struggling to find inspiration, and it is even about the queer scene in the 80s, studio 54, even AIDS. There is really a lot to be explored in this story.

Everyone says it is a typical Ryan Murphy movie. But no, it is not. The characters are rather one-sided, storylines stay undeveloped, and there is nothing that is provocative actually. And the worst of all, for a show that is about fashion as art, about creation and inspiration, there is just not enough passion in it. So I was really disappointed here, maybe I had my expectations really too high. But either way, I am not sure this is a show I would recommend you watching.


What is next?

So this is what I watched in July. As you can see, I mainly watched TV shows, I guess it is just one of these months. I saw one or two movies but nothing worth sharing.

For August I will try to catch up on some movies that have long been on my to-watch list. Let’s see how this goes.

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