What I watched in September – Loki, Valeria, and more

In today’s post I am going to share with you what I have watched in September, and hopefully I can help you find a movie or a TV show to your taste.

Loki (2021 – )

Loki takes place after the events of  the “Avengers: Endgame.”  It is something like a spin-off where Loki finds himself in a sort of an alternative universe. He is acused of a “time” crime, and in attempt of avoiding punishment, he helps the authorities to find athorer “time” criminal.

I think the story of the show corresponds really well to this specific character from the Marvel comics – the show is funny, dynamic, a bit quirky, and all in all very engaging. I think Tom Hidelson and Owen Wislon who are in the two main roles are absolutely amazing. The only thing I didn’t quite like was the character of Sylvie and her relation with Loki – I think the whole romantic storyline was kinda awkward, and with no chemistry.

So from the three Avengers tv shows I watched this summer I can say that the best one was for sure Wanda/Vision – very smart and well-thought, Loki – in second place which was engaging enough – and the worst one was definitely The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


Valeria (2020 – )

I watched the second season of Valeria which is now on Netflix.

This is a Spanish TV show about three women in their late 20s, early 30s, living in Madrid and dealing with relationships, career goals, and modern life in general. It is kinda of the Spanish version of the Sex and the city – and actually Valeria is a writer, exactly like Carrie Bradshow.

I think I like the show because I am at the same age and some of the dilemmas the characters have, the questions they raise, they feel close to me. I dare to say it is a bit of girly show but by no means – stupid. It is for everyone who at some point of their life has asked herself – what am I doing. I think the show also captures well the spirit of Madrid as this city that is very artsy, sensual and simply beautiful. It is very enjoyable show and I would definately watch the next season.


The Killing of Two Lovers (2020) 


The Killing of Two Lovers is about a married couple – David and Nikki, who are now going through a trial separation, trying to figure out where they stand with each other, while also dating other people.

It seems that the story is more focused on David, who is not taking the separation well and definitely not happy that his wife is dating another guy. We are actually not told very many things about the couple – except that they were high school sweethearts and married young. They now have 4 children and it seems they still live in their hometown. David was an aspiring musician, but his career never took off and now he is doing random jobs as a worker or handy man. These facts, thrown here and there, create some very nostalgic mood which is also in line with the movie’s scenery of winter Utah. We see various scenes of vast empty fields, and open endless roads, creating the feeling of despair and nothingness.

The other predominant feeling in the movie is that of tension. I think the title really sets some expectations, and as a viewer, you almost have no choice but expect something bad to happen any moment. It is really impressive how the director Robert Machoan managed to create such an almost tangible atmosphere with a cast of just a few people, with scattered dialogs and quiet scenes. I can call this mastery!

The Killing of Two Lovers premiered in 2020 during the Sundance Festival and naturally carried this festival and indie spirit nature. I think I can say many more things here – most of the scenes are absolutely beautifully shot, and I really like the unpretensious but yet artistic presentation of the story. Yes, it is a simple story, but told in a very captivating way. I strongly recommend this movie and if I have the time,  I will try to publish a separate post about it.


Yesterday (2019)

Yesterday is a Danny Boyle movie about a musician who suffers an accident and wakes up to find out that he is the only one who knows who the Beatles are. This sounds intriguing enough, and I think it is a very original way of making a film about the Beatles, without making a film about the Beatles. And, knowing Danny Boyle, I was expecting a quirky and odd movie, which we are kinda getting here.

The movie is original and quite humorous, mainly in presenting the way modern music is made. However, I think the story is rather predictable, and there is much less Beatles music than I expected. There is also a romantic storyline which doesn’t contribute to the plot in any way, not to mention that the two actors in the main roles have no chemistry at all. It is kinda of a feel-good movie, but nothing special.

If you are a fan of the Beatles though, there is another movie I can recommend you to watch – Across the Universe from 2007.

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