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About Dots and Walks


Dots&Walks combines my passion for writing with my passion for traveling, cinema, and everything artsy and interesting in life. 

My articles aim to entertain and spark curiosity. I am always happy to enter in discussion, or receive a recommendations for a movie, book or a new place to visit. 


About Me


Building a personality, Losing and finding myself, Traveling, Dreaming, Reading, Writing, Chasing ideas, Cooking, Connecting with nature.

Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Walking El Camino de Santiago (800 km on foot); Watching the sunset over Venice; Doing voluntary work in Spain and couchsurfing the country.

Music, Movies, and Books

Fav. directors : Lars von Trier, D. Lynch, M. Forman, E. Kusturica, L. Besson, D. Fincher, S. Kubrick, A.Tarkovsky, Q. Tarantino, Kim Ki-Duk, and many more who showed me the beauty of imagination and the power of ideas.

Fav. writers: Fernando Pessoa, M. Bulgakov, G. Orwell,  S. Lem, A. Dumas, A. Conan Doyle, Oscar Wild, Jack Kerouac and many more who taught me how to keep an open mind, taught me to think, to dream, to dare.

Fav. music : Rainbow, Whitesnake, Pink Floyd, Heroes del Silencio, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple,  Kings of Leon, The Beatles, Eddie Veder, Johnny Cash and many more who helped me open my heart, and showed me how to feel the world around me with every part of my soul.